Tarot Card Reading: The Four Major Lines in Palmistry

Between the Lines!

Many individuals think that fortune tellers’ primary source of money or gimmick is tarot card reading. However, the word assigned to the method, palmistry, describes a highly antiquated kind of divination. In palmistry, there are four primary lines:

The Life Line

Most people head straight for the lifeline in order to assess their chances of surviving. Regrettably, that is not covered. Numerous unrelated, unrelated to our everyday actions and activities elements affect both our lifespan and quick mortality. However, the life line offers details on the makeup of our energy as well as advice on how to keep and improve its balance. It also stands for challenging and fruitful times, as well as downtrodden and inspiring ones.

The Head Line

The first line describes the characteristics and progression of our cognitive process. It begins between the thumb and forefinger, where the story of our thoughts begins, and it connects to our earliest years at the center of our life line. The depth of our thought is best revealed by our interests rather than the length of the head line. Its complexity and arc suggest mental fortitude and temperament.

The Fate Line

While not everyone has one, the fate or destiny line goes from the wrist to the fingers. What is destiny? It has nothing to do with the notion of our motifs, which contends that every person has a predetermined, unalterable destiny. The fate line, on the other hand, is a representation of our level of effort, as well as our desire, willpower, focus, and drive to change our fate.

The Heart Line

Because they are so complicated, it is challenging to sum up our emotional lives in a single line. It is impossible to tell from a hand’s lines if it will live to be 36 years old and happily married to a stranger with black hair. However, reading can increase the likelihood of casual, easy conversations and assist you in deciding what to do with your one wild and wonderful heart.

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